SHUBERT, Sharon K.

My work in art and writing is a life-long passion; gifts I was born with. God chose to make me a very creative person and I am so thankful for that! I enjoy working in many different mediums, learning more and more about the creative process along the way. I believe an artist never stops learning. In 2009 my focus is mainly on DIGITAL ART DESIGN, although I also enjoy working in Watercolor & Ink, Mixed Media Sculpture and Woodburning at times. My body of art work over the years also includes work in various other mediums.

Inspiration for much of my art work and writing comes from living in an area rich in wildlife and natural resources, under the big skies of Texas. Living on the largest lake in Texas, Lake Texoma, for over 15 years has never failed to uplift me in spirit and amaze me. Most of the art I create carries a message of earth and wildlife conservation and care. :)

I’ve been writing all of my life. My art and writing talents are true gifts from God. I’m a published author of short stories, prose, poetry and Haiku, most recently published in March 2009 in a local newspaper. A publisher used an excerpt of my previously published work in a publicity campaign for a local writing contest.


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