The Art of Paul Chisholm explores what it is to be human in a 21st century society. With the world evolving into ever complexity the artists work pinpoints simple and playful ways of exploring issues of climate chaos, terrorism, politics, the geography of human consciences and gender issues of a gay man in a modern world.

Working with both painting and sculpture the artists deploys materials such as dust, plastic, pins, rubber bands and found and discarded materials left on the street, re-inventing them in ways that are both surprising and poetic. Each object is chosen for its metaphorical and sociological value. The artist certainly has an obsession with all things morbid, but at the same time his work shines a light onto what might otherwise appear dark.

Beneath each of the artists works there is a feeling that life is far from idyllic we are destroying the planet and each other in pursuit of a perceived perfect life.

Paul Chisholm was born in (1983 ) Canterbury, England.

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