GASKILL, Lindy (formerly Gruger Hanson)

Washington State artist, Lindy Gaskill (formerly Gruger Hanson) creates imaginary worlds filled with strange shapes, interwoven line and vivid colors in her acrylic paintings. Her paintings are filled with personal marks & images using vibrant colors to radiate positivity, transforming mental images into graphic form which produce an aesthetic beauty, as well as her own spiritual exploration. Besides freely applied abstract shapes and lines, she uses dream-like figurative forms, often with a whimsical, playful feeling. Some things she likes: swirls, birds, trees, symbols and lots of color!

Lindy was born in Seattle, Washington and attended Washington State University, receiving a bachelors in Fine Art. Besides Washington, she has lived in New York City; Portland, Oregon; Bend, Oregon and Prescott, AZ. She currently resides back in Washington State with her husband, Greg.

You can find her artwork at the following sites:

"Peace Out," acrylic on wood panel - Copyright 2013 Lindy Gaskill

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