JWJ are my initials. I am John W Johnston. Purely as a bit of fun, in my mid-fifties, I tried my hand with some watercolour paints. The results were not impressive but were much better than I'd expected. To try and get some feedback, as well as trying to encourage others of my age-group to have-a-go, I made my own web site. I describe it as being for beginners by a beginner.


Over the years that followed, I have improved a little with my painting, though still shy away from calling myself an artist. I have tried oils and acrylics but feel most comfortable with watercolour. Though I doubt that my 'applying the paint' is any better than it has ever been, where I feel I've made the biggest improvements is with my drawing. A few years ago I would never have dreamed that I could have produced this drawing of a horse.

On my website I have displayed all of my work, from the early 'lessons' through to my latest endeavours. I want for other people who have always wished they could draw or paint to see that pleasant images can be created despite not having any formal training or natural talent. It's all about having-a-go and enjoying the process.

The feedback I have had from others like me has been very positive, so much so that I have now created an Art Forum for Beginners. All of the members are beginners (or amateurs) and we simply help each other where we can. Sure, it is sometimes a case of the blind leading the blind, but we learn from each other and have great fun doing so. With monthly projects and the facility to get feedback, as well as give it, it's a great way of sharing your hobby. Drop in and see us sometime.

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