HOUSE, Jamie

My camera obscura experiments examine the way people interact with their environment.I want people to slow down and meditate on a view inside the dark chamber of the camera obscura.I leave the external environment to make the image and the camera obscura just frames the ephermel fleeting nature of the environment it views.
Viewer participation an integral part of my practice, however not in an end in acts as a vehicle to informally test the my theories concerning visual perception and physiological reactions. Applying scientific experiment and sensory immersion.

The other strand to my practice is producing imagery using mail art and pinhole photography to examine the role of the `stranger` in society and why we are interested in people we don’t know, these images show chance encounters and intimate double exposure visual portraits,of people who have not met in person and only meet by the mediated gaze of the pinhole camera, relates to our way we remotely interact with others in the information age.

I recently built englands largest camera Obscura:

My work is currently exhibited in Goa International Pinhole show,travelling to New Delhi,Mumbai and Goa

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