Born, Brighton UK 1952, from spanish immigrant parents.

At the age of 12, my father took me to the Brighton Museum,where I saw for the first time,works by Dalí and Magritte. I knew then that I had to express my thoughts and imagination through art and my passion has not ceased, to this day…


I see myself as a ''free flow'' artist,expressing my thoughts, feelings and personality, in my work and have been inspired by the Surrealist, Hendrix, Sonny Pruitt and life in general…

In 1993, I immigrated to Spain, with my family, and have lived and worked in Almeria since. I was diagnosed in 96, as having Multiple Sclerosis and at the moment, I am confined to a wheelchair and painting with my left hand. My production rate has slowed, technique changed, but my will and need to create artwork has not diminished….

I have studied and exhibited in UK and Spain…more imformation, http://www.artmajeur.com/axis

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