Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, studied in South Africa and works predominantly in the United Kingdom, as an illustrator, visualizer, cartoonist, conceptual artist, storyboard artist, designer and painter.
Glen Viljoen attended the East London Technical College, South Africa, studying Fine Art and Graphic Design, before moving to the Natal Technikon, Durban, South Africa, to further his studies in Graphic Design. Moved to London, England in 1996.

Commercial illustration

Illustrations and designs by Glen Viljoen have been used in advertising by such companies as General Mills (Cocoa Puff’s, Neopets, Animal Planet), Cereal Partners (Nestlé - Milo, Nesquik, Chocapic, Captain Star, Golden Nuggets, FIFA), Disney UK, Marks & Spencers, ALDI, COOP, Instinct Clothing, Ambrosia, Fuller’s London Pride, Credit Suisse, Thomson Financial, NHS Wales, Sainsbury’s, Ravensburger, Mars, Sainsbury’s (Blue Parrot Range), Volvic Water, Actionman, Toys ’R’ Us, BBC (East Enders), BBC Wales (Pobol y Cwm) Reuters (London), Nokia (Finland, South Africa), S4C Wales, HTV Wales, Welsh Development Agency, Wales Trade International, Early Learning Centre, Welsh Assembly, CTAD, Spar, Unilever Group (South Africa), SABC, Swan Publishers, Art Publishers, Heinemann Centaur Publications, Creative Productions, Goliath, Tinderbox, Gemini, Blendex Toothpaste, Twistos, Hamleys, Marstons, National Grid, Woolworths, KPMG, Magners, Conagra, Cabo São Roque, DHL to name but a few…


Glen Viljoen won a Welsh BAFTA in 2002 for the best promotional title sequence for S4C's "Planed Plant" Children's Channel.


Completed a series of successful solo art exhibitions and curating of group exhibitions in London.
These include images of African wild life and contemporary nudes.
His animals are painted in both a classical style with incredible accuracy and in a contemporary and conflicting style. Each image procures a strong focal point using space, composition, and light and dark. The beautifully evocative nudes are painted in a flamboyant contemporary style using both paintbrushes and palette knives. The contrasting styles used in these works are a sharp revolt against the artist’s commercial illustration work.

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