Ed Unitsky (25 April 1962) is an international visual artist, from Belarus, known for his complex and captivating surrealistic art and primarily for music progressive album artworks. His artwork expands the mind creating an imaginary journey into the fantastic realms.

Ed's cover music art has been like with the likes of Roger Dean, Storm Thorgerson, Michael Whelan, H.R. Giger and many other prestigious master fantasy artists and is being touted as the modern day Salvador Dali. Ed's creative range is remarkable. His unique signature style resonates an old world influence with an innovative Pop Culture flare.

Ed's creative abilities began when he was small child. After years, of painting, sketching, doing large scale mural work, airbrushing, and many other mediums, in 2002, Ed sat down at a computer to apply his artistic capacity. Instantly, he fell in love with this new digital forum to create his ideas. Digital artistry has become a medium which has expanded his artistic range enormously.

Ed is an artistic master of digital painting, collage creation and photo manipulation. His creations continue to amaze and inspire all those who become familiar with his artistry.

In 2002, Ed sent some of his artistic creation to Roine Stolt of the Flower Kings. Roine decided to use Ed's images on the Flower Kings Fan Club CD 2002. Subsequently, Ed's career began to flourish.

Roine was soon to get involved in the formation of a new progressive rock band, The Tangent created by Andy Tillison of Parallel Or 90 Degrees (Po90). Ed was chosen to create the artwork for the new bands packaging. Ed's first full length commercially released album artwork on the InsideOut label received Best Artwork in 2003 in the Dutch Progressive Rock Polls - DPRP.

In March 2007, The 10th Annual Dutch Progressive Rock Poll Awards for 2006 - Ed's spectacular artwork for The Tangent's - "A Place In The Queue", won by a two to one vote! Ed previously topped his own previous poll award in 2003 with his artwork for "The Music That Died Alone" and in 2004, Ed shared second place for his cover artwork for The Tangent's - "The World That We Drive Through" in the 2004 Dutch Progressive Rock Poll Awards with Carl Glover's artwork for the Marillion. In 2008 Ed won the DPRP Award for the 2007 Best Artwork of the Year for his artwork for The Flower King's Album "Sum of No Evil".

Artwork for The Tangent, "A Place in the Queue" and Oresund Space Collective's, "All About Delay" were both nominated for their outstanding artwork covers in the 2006 Italian Prog Awards. And in 2008, Ed was inducted into the Italian Prog Hall of Fame for his artwork for The Flower Kings "Sum of No Evil".

In 2008 year Ed was asked to produce the artwork for "The Garden", a two disk album by Australian band Unitopia, which resulted in his fifth top-five entry in the DPRP. Presently Ed does much new artworks with Unitopia for the most new projects.

In 2009 Ed met with David Rohl, founder of Mandalaband (David M. Rohl is also a known British Egyptologist and ex-director of the Institute for the Study of Interdisciplinary Sciences (ISIS)). Ed became involved in a reborn Mandalaband project and created the artwork and video for two albums: MANDALABAND III - 'BC - Ancestors' (2009) and MANDALABAND IV - 'AD - Sangreal' (2010).

In addition to his CD cover artwork, Ed has an extended collection of spiritual artwork, which is gaining recognition worldwide. Recently, he completed a portfolio for a Christian rock opera in Cleveland, OH, entitled "The Bargain". Within this collection is his rendition of The Last Supper, which was influenced by Leonardo Da Vinci and Salvador Dali, one of Ed's youthful inspirations.

Ed has created over 3,500 artwork pieces in these few short years and continues to create incredible artwork for CD Album Covers while expanding his artistic energies to his personal artwork pursuits.

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