DRAGOT, Robert Aliaj

1960 Tirana ALBANIA / Lives and works in Brussels. http://www.dragot.be
Dragot, not only began as a painter, but his painting was also the point of departure for all the other activities he manifested. In the end of 90’s, after a long career as a pop star singer, Robert Aliaj DRAGOT nearly stopped with music to come back to his first concern as an art painter. Dragot's work is figurative and makes extensive use of techniques from photography, television and film. Subjects of his paintings range usually from politics in Albania, to the very banal. For a while he abandoned painting completely to make shorts and video’s. Now many years later in Brussels, he is focused especially to a multimedial research, experimenting with photography, moving images, animations, sounds and painting itself, without loosing the picturesque quality. His attention divides himself between a critical curiosity of the artistic scene in Europe and a renewed interest for the fast shock therapeutic change, which the Albanian state underwent.


2008 "Restaging the Past, National Museum Szczecin Poland
2008 “Urban Jealousy” the 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran 30th May - 6th July 2008
2008 “Noconnection” E2N Espace Nord, Brussels 06 June - 27th July 2008
2008 Arte Fatta a Pezzi" Bologna, Italy
2008 N.SIGHT.OUT.- Video Art Review - Bologna, Italy
The Action Field Kodra exhibition (Thessaloniki, Greece)
2007 LesRencontresl Internationales : : : Paris/Berlin/Madrid
2007 Spring & Stalin Goethe Institutes in Los Angeles and Mexico City
2007 “Meno” TIFF, Tirana International Film Festival
2007 “Mulliqi” , International Contemporary art Contest, Prishtina, Kosova

2007 57th Berlin International Film -Festival

2006 "Onufri" International Contemporary art Contest Tirana
2006 “Discrete Elements” Chelsea Art Museum, Home of the Miotte Foundation, New York /

2005 Discrete Elements” Chiesa di San Paolo Modena, Italy, (Catalogue)
2005 “Discrete Elements” National Gallery Tirana, Albania
2005 A Myriad Minded Manifesto / Tirana International Center for Art (Piramida)
2005 “La culture du conflit” TIFF, Tirana International Film Festival

2005 ARCO/MEDIALAB, Conde Duque, Caja Suiza – PERSONALCINEMA : THE MAKING OF THE BALKAN WARS : The Game http://www.balkanwars.net Madrid – Febr (Catalogue) Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts, "Channel zero",


2003 L'Autre Galerie Brussels/ Belgium

2001 Arthur Bernard Gallery / Rotterdam / Holland
2001 Reinold Ketelbuters Art Gallery Brussels
2001 Biennal of Leuven Belgium

2000 Lineart International Art Fair Gent, Belgium
2000 Reinold Ketelbuters Art Gallery Sablon Brussels/ Belgium
2000 Christian Siret Art Gallery Paris / France
2000 Vlaamse Zaal Art Gallery Antwerpen / Belgium

1999 Campo & Campo Antwerpen / Belgium
1999 Elian Lisart Art Gallery Brussels / BelgiumCarnegie Mellon University School of Design
1999 Vieux Sion Art Gallery Switzerland

1998 Behraki Art Gallery Corinthe / Greece
1998 Vlaamse Zaal Art Gallery Antwerpen / Belgium
1998 Art 22 Gallery ANamur / Belgium
1998 Piraeus Art Gallery Piraeus / Greece
1998 Samarcande Art Gallery Brussels/ Belgium
1998 ELIAN LISART ART GALLERY / Brussels/ Belgium

1997 Piraeus Art Gallery Piraeus / Greece
1997 ExpoStart, Chapelle de Boendael Brussels/ Belgium
1997 Athens Art Gallery Athens / Greece

1996 Behraki Art Gallery Corinthe / Greece
1996 Galatis Art center Myconos / Greece
1996 Melina Mercury Art Gallery Athens / Greece
1996 Piraeus Art Gallery Piraeus / Greece

1995 Piraeus Art Gallery Athens / Greece

1994 Embasy of Republic of Albania Piraeus / Greece
1994 Piraeus Art Gallery Piraeus / Greece

1993 Castoria Art Gallery Castoria / Greece


2000: “Escape” Experimental Video Art 2002: “Il Moscone” – Experimental Animation 2003: “La culture du conflit” Video 2004: “You Like Me or Not” - Animation 2005: “A Myriad Minded Manifesto - Animation, “A Bird With a Black Name” - Animation, “Discrete Elements” - Animation, “Turbulences” - 3D Animation, 2006: “L’ombre des Nouages de la Ville”- Animation, “Spring and Stalin” – Experimental Documentary 2007 - "Stolen Moments" xperimental Documentary 2007 - "Meno" Fiction

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