Annie is a young Swedish artist. She makes pictures and believes in feelings and that people are weird. Her art often starts with feelings. It grows and grows and grows and then suddenly the feeling is a picture.

Geoff Bunn said "an artist with a certain kind of craziness and a crazy kind of talent".

Every morning, at the time she wakes up, Annie does a selfportrait. Now she has a huge collection of selfportraits made half-asleep. that's a fun project.

Also she has made a project with fantastic artist lisa benk, a photo project called "shuffle". Based on the shuffle-function in itunes. In the evening they asked "what about tomorrow?" and clicked on "next". The song title is the answer. Next day they analyzed it super super and made a photo of it.

You can see a lot of her work at: annie.se.nu.
… also that's the place to get in touch with her! try it! she likes communication! and also she likes to make art and stuff with other people. Which means maybe you can do a project with her! Come on, say hi to her!

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