H, Anna

Anna H was born in Sweden of mixed Finnish-Swedish parents in 1965. Although a fluent linguist (she speaks Swedish, Finnish, English and German all fluently – she also speaks French, Danish and Norwegian to a passable standard!) she trained as a fine artist and has always worked in the arts field.

She was introduced to Geoff Bunn and Marc Begerman by a mutual acquaintance in the 1990's. “Since when, I like to just mix media. In one show and even in one piece. I see the world as very much mixed in much the same way. We use many senses to experience many varied things. And I feel it is important to reflect that in my own work”.

Anna H’s work today primarily involves “the portrayal of animism. I am interested in showing what is there around us. In the earth we walk on. In the sky we live under. All of that. I am always trying to capture a feeling, of something so hard to describe. But to do so almost without conveying feeling. But to do so without losing control of expression”.

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