AMIHAN, Jumalon

I have always loved painting the female figure perhaps because I am a woman. It’s a way of getting to know myself and my body as well. Throughout my course of painting women, I have discovered that there’s so much to know about the female anatomy. Like when I did a series of drawings of female acrobats. Through those drawings I encountered difficulties and it’s then I realized that there’s a lot I do not understand about the female body.

Although my women are done beautifully—they have nice breasts, ideal figure, etc—but because they have a strong presence, they can hardly be taken as a mere sex-symbol. they should remind viewers of a woman’s other more important traits such as her strength, tenacity, gentle courage, creativity, sensitivity, the power to mother and nurture.

Most of my paintings throughout my own short history as a painter have the female figure as their central image or main subject. But it was only recently that I have become fully aware of my concern with the feminine life.

In my new series of works called Assassinadas, I deal with themes of war and violence and their opposites. Such series is a play of duality—women, as symbol of gentleness, beauty, juxtaposed with objects of war and torture. My future works would still be along this line of thought. No major departures. Instead, there will be a few expansions.

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